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How to prepair your art for large format printing
Preparing your files for large format digital printing.

Format: If photographic or bitmap images are being used, they should be drum scanned at a resolution high enough to maintain at least a 75 dpi (dots per inch) resolution at full size for a vehicle. 100 to 200 dpi if there is small text created in Photoshop. Example: a 300 dpi scan of a 4" x 6" photo would give you a 30 dpi file if the image went to 40" x 60". So the scan would need to be 750 dpi if 40" x 60" is the final size. A working formula would be final size divided by actual original area of art (cropped), multiplied by final desired output resolution, equals the necessary scanning resolution. Note: Please clean your images after scanning and size to proper proportion.

File Preparation: If possible, build your files as LARGE as possible. We accept all types of files to print from. We prefer them prepared in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. If you are using Corel Draw, convert text to curves and give us the original .cdr file. Export a copy as an .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file. Include all screen and printer fonts with artwork.

We accept all types of media, CD, DVD, Zip, Jaz, Floppy, etc. You can also upload your files to our FTP server.

Supply a color output of your final art which includes any cropping instructions, and note any PMS colors you would like us to match.

IMPORTANT! When creating art for a vehicle, design layouts in a rectangular format, using the proper template as a reference for placement. Keep in mind that templates are only 2-dimensional or flat. Your graphics must accommodate any curves or contours that are not visible on the templates. It is critical to your design to measure any of these areas. Also, try to keep all live or pertinent images, such as logos, phone numbers, etc. away from window frames, door handles, molding, mirrors, etc.
(see example). DO NOT cut out the areas around the wheel wells, windows, etc., those areas are needed for adjustments of the graphics during installation. Bleed all images 2" around the perimeter, at full size art.


Vehicle templates are available at N/C with $100 deposit. Deposit is deducted from your placed order.

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